About Us

CoalMantra is a platform for Coal Suppliers and Coal Buyers to connect and expand their business manifold. The idea behind CoalMantra is to optimize the coal trading process using a digital platform that is robust and transparent.

Whether you have to submit a BID or execute a quotation, at CoalMantra, every process is designed to be Easy and Quick. BIDS are made LIVE as soon as they are submitted and using our Advanced search algorithms and Data Analytics systems, we are able to find reliable and matching Bids across thousands of queries.

The company is led by management and mentors having vast experience in the field. The management is committed to a strict code of business ethics and is both dynamic and innovative. Our future goals and upgrades for this platform are guided by this notion of innovation.

Our vision is to transform the way coal or solid fuels are traded and to create a one-stop marketplace for such commodities.

We strive to make this Coal Exchange ecosystem Simple, Fast and Powerful and we are positive that you as a user will benefit from this initiative.

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